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Recommended graphics settings

The idea here is to make the colours of the bobber pop as much as possible whether you are in a dark or bright environment

Bot Instructions

A guide on how to use WoW Robo Fish for both Retail and Classic

To access the correct menu in-game press escape -> System -> Advanced

  • Set Contrast to 100

  • Set Brightness to 80

  • Set Gamma to 1.5

  • Minimum liquid/water detail - Fair

Note that the standard graphics settings in the game should work fine in almost all situations, but regions in which the game is very dark the above settings may need to be used.


1. Ensure you choose the correct game version with the correct expansion, e.g. Retail and BFA


2. Enter the fishing keybind, numeric values work best


3. Get coordinates is where you tell the bot the area where the bobber will land:

  • When you press ENTER you want to choose two diagonally opposite corners of a rectangle, the area in which the bobber will land

  • Press the ENTER key to set the first coordinate

  • Move your mouse to create a rectangle the area in which the bobber will land. Note that you and to avoid any background, i.e. place the rectangle over clear water.

  • Press the ENTER key again to set the second coordinate

  • If done correctly a window will pop up and a message will read 'Successfully assigned coordinates' on the GUI


4. Bobber threshold value is the sensitivity the bot is using to determine whether
or not a fish has caught the bobber:

  • If the bobber is clicked too early you want to reduce the bobber threshold value

  • If the mouse is not clicking on the bobber then you want to increase the bobber threshold value. 

  • Decreasing/increasing step size 0.05-0.1

  • Typical ranges: 0.55-0.7

5. Here we have the safety options, leave the number at 0 to ignore them:

  • Max. fish logout: The number of fish the bot will catch before logging out the game

  • Max. fish quit: The number of fish the bot will catch before quitting the game

  • No. mins logout: Number of minutes of fishing before the bot will log you out the game

  • No. mins quit: Number of minutes of fishing before the bot will quit the game for you

  • Note that below the this options is the hearthstone keybind. If you set this to your hearthstone keybind then once your exit parameters are set you will be able to hearthstone away and then the bot will logout/quit the game. Leave EMPTY to ignore.

6. Fish selector allows you to catch the fish that you want:

  • To use this option set autoloot to OFF

  • First set the number of different fish that you want to catch (the number directly to the right of the 'Fish selector number' button

  • Leave at 0 if you do NOT want to use the fish selector feature

  • Once the number of fish you want to catch is selected press the button name 'Fish selector number (leave 0 to ignore)'

  • This will open a window for you to select your fish

  • Once you have selected your fish you can save the parameters

  • Now when you start fishing, you will only catch the fish that you want

7. Fish selector threshold is the sensitivity in which the bot recognises the fish 
that you want to catch. This number can be kept high.

  • Typical ranges Classic: 0.85-0.95

  • Typical ranges Retail: 0.7-0.75

8. Get loot window coords (Classic only) is similar to the get coordinates option.

  • First make sure autoloot is OFF

  • Manually fish one fish but do NOT loot it

  • Then click the loot window coords button and move your mouse to the top left hand corner of the loot window and press the ENTER key to set the coordinate

  • Move you mouse to the bottom right of the loot window and again press the ENTER key to set the coordinate

  • If successfully applied the coordinates a message will read 'Successfully assigned coordinates'

9. Mouse movement speed time in milliseconds. This timer allows you to choose the speed at which the mouse moves across your screen. The lower the number the faster the movement.

10. Pause hotkey added. Works in the same way as the pause button but instead of clicking on the pause button you can assign a key to pause the bot. Note that the button will need to be pressed a few times to get it to work.

11. Water walking spells:

  • Make sure that you have applied the water walking first

  • Enter the water walking spell keybind

  • Enter the cooldown in minutes of the water walking spell

12. Save the parameters you had set. They will be automatically be loaded back into the
bot when you open the bot again.

13. Start fishing starts the fishing process, make sure that when you press the button the window for the bot is either in a one corner of your monitor, or better, on a separate monitor if you have one.

14. Pressing the pause fishing button pauses the bot and gives you a chance to change any parameters. Once you press it wait for a couple of seconds for it to work.

15. Enter custom splash colour (HEX):
1. Use this option if the bobber threshold\sensitivity is not working
          2. Add in Hex format 0xNNNNNN the colour of the splash (note that pure white is 0xFFFFFF)
          3. Get the Hex value of the splash using AutoIt v3 Window Info or if you know the rgb you can visit
          4. To use AutoIt open the executable in your folder and then click the mouse option
          5. Then click and hold the finder tool and you will see that when you move it around your screen it returns to you the colour                    of the pixel you are over in Hex        
          6. Adding a number here will IGNORE the bobber threshold/sensitivity value
          7. Leaving the box empty will IGNORE the hex and instead use the traditional bobber threshold/sensitivity value

15. How to apply LURES:

  • Coordinates method:

  1. Set 'Using LURE' to 'Coordinates method'​

  2. Set the total number of lures in 'No. Lures'. Note, that all the stacks (apart from the last stack) need to be equal to the 'Lure max. stack size'. The last stack can be equal to or less than the 'Lure max. stack size'.

  3. Set the cooldown (in minutes) of the lure in 'Lure CD (mins)'

  4. Set the max. stack size that you are using for the lures in 'Lure max. stack size'

  5. Enter keybind for the character info panel

  6. Open all your bags using SHIFT+B. Then, press 'Get lure coords' and then move your mouse over one lure stack and press the ENTER key and repeat for all the lure stacks. The smallest stack should be the last one whose coordinate you set.

  7. Open you character info pane. Press 'Get fishing rod coords' and move your mouse over your fishing rod and press the ENTER key to set your coordinate.

  8. BEFORE you press 'Start fishing' make sure you CLOSE the character info panel and all of your bags.

  • Keybind method:

  1. Set 'Using LURE' to 'Keybind method'​

  2. Set the total number of lures in 'No. Lures'

  3. Set the cooldown (in minutes) of the lure in 'Lure CD (mins)'

  4. Set the keybind where your lures exist

  5. Set the fishing rod keybind

  6. Then start fishing!

16. Macros (useful for clearing out bag space of unwanted items):

             1. You will find two columns in this tab

             2. In column 1 set the keybind of you macro

             3. In column 2 set the number of minutes in between your macro keypresses

Good luck fishing and I hope you enjoy your experience with WoW Robo Fish!


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