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Tips and tricks to stay safe on retail and classic WoW while using the WoW Robo Fish fishing bot

  • Bot between 2-3 hours a day, splitting up the time if you can i.e. 1 hours during the night and 2 hours in the afternoon (note that WoW Robo Fish has a feature that allows you to quit WoW after x minutes).

  • Change the zones in which you fish regularly.

  • Fish in remote locations.

  • NEVER flood the auction house or your guild bank with materials.

  • Stay out of a guild or be alone in a guild.

  • Do NOT mass vendor items.

  • Try to mix up your playstyle, i.e. PVP for a couple of hours and then do some PVE.

  • Avoid botting on your main account.

  • Try not to bot daily.

  • A good idea is to use either two computers or two virtual machines, run the bot on one machine and run WoW on the other. Connect the two OS through TeamViewer for example. Run the bot normally but make interact with the TeamViewer window of WoW.

  • Rename the main folder in which the bot exists.

  • Run the program from a USB stick.

  • If you can, inject some dummy data into the memory of the program.

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