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Frequently asked questions for WoW Robo Fish. A premium WoW fishing bot for both Retail and Classic. A lot of this information can be found in the quick guide within the main tab of the bot.

1. I bought a licence, when will I receive my key?

Keys will be sent to the email you entered just before you clicked the PayPal (or other payment) method. The e-commerce site is used as the platform in which keys are purchased. runs on blockchain technology and as a result keys can take up to 30 mins to arrive.

2. Why does the bot delete and re-create itself when I open it?

The bot does this as part of the security feature on the software side. It re-writes the binary randomly which changes the signature of the program making the bot look like a new piece of software.

3. Why do I have to stop my antivirus before opening the bot?

One of the security features of the bot is that it changes the signature of the program every time it is opened which makes the software effectively unique every time you open it. Your antivirus program will then rescan it which can slow this security feature or stop it all together and cause it to crash.

4. Why do I have multiple executables in my folder?

This occurs when the security procedure of bot re-writing becomes incomplete and the bot cannot delete itself after creating a copy of itself. This does not usually lead to bot failures but it should be a problem worth tackling. This is typically solved by switching off your antivirus, but before doing this remove all but one executable from the folder.

5. The bot misses the bobber and moves the mouse to a random location?

This usually occurs for one reason which is an inefficient choice of coordinates. The idea is that the coordinates cover only the area in which the bobber lands. A tip is to throw out the bobber a few times and get an idea of where it lands and then choose your coordinates system just over that area. Try to make sure that the water is clear of debris so the bobber stands out.

6. Why does the bot click too early(late)?

This occurs when the sensitivity of the bot is too high(low). Try increasing(decreasing) the sensitivity in steps of 0.1 or 0.05.

7. Sometimes the pause button does not stop the bot?

This can occur when pressing the main button of the bot. The more efficient and reliable method is to use the Pause Hotkey feature in the extras tab. 

8. The fish selector does not select the correct fish?

This problem is due to the fish selector sensitivity value. For Classic the recommended is 0.8-0.9 and for Retail it is 0.7. If the bot is still not finding the fish then reduce the fish selector sensitivity by 0.05. The video below demonstrates how the fish selector works for both Classic and Retail.

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